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We’re the people who make things happen with words every single day. 

Sara Howard

Leader, Writer, Thinker, Reader, Sunrise-walker, Teen-wrangler

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If copywriting didn’t exist as a job, Sara would have had to invent it. A natural wordsmith whose first love was marketing and consumer behaviour, her ability to turn complex ideas and dry subject matter into compelling stories is legendary.

She fearlessly leads the team’s crusade against dull copy and jargon, and enjoys helping people find their own written voice – through tone of voice workshops, and hands-on, tailor-made training.

Top writing tip: use ‘you’ more than ‘we’. It will force you to write from your reader’s perspective.

One thing people don’t know… Sara’s first career was as a retail buyer, where she learned to relentlessly anticipate customer needs. Like writing, it was the ideal blend of commercial thinking and creative energy.

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Dannielle Duval

Writer, Chief optimist, Listener, Karaoke-enthusiast, Compulsive snacker

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Dannielle enjoys surprising people with the power of words. She understands how important it is to put herself in the reader’s shoes, to craft messages that connect. Interviewing smart and interesting people is a definite job perk, and turning their answers into impactful stories is a fun challenge. 

Dannielle isn’t afraid of feedback – she loves it because it gets her writing closer to the gold. And even though the wheels are always turning, she brings a sense of calm and positivity to the studio as our chief optimist.

Top writing tip: Keep it simple. That’s it!

One thing people don’t know… Dannielle is married to her high-school sweetheart! They were set up by mutual friends when she was 16 years old, so they’ve been together over half their lives.

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Anna Milward

Writer, Exerciser, Coffee drinker, Balcony gardener, Cat herder

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Her writing career may have started at eight years old with stories about her cat, but these days Anna loves to delve into new topics and turn complicated concepts into clear, meaningful communication. Her background in financial services and health tech copywriting means she’s able to take complex technical information and distil it into enjoyable, compelling copy.

Anna thrives on variety and enjoys the challenge of finding a story in even the most mundane subjects and events. She is always keen to learn and find ways to improve, and she happily takes on whatever is thrown her way.

Top writing tip: Read it aloud after you’ve written it – you’ll be amazed at how many more typos and mistakes you pick up.

One thing people don’t know… One thing people don’t know: Anna moved to Australia from the UK when she was in her 20s. But she also has Canadian citizenship and lived there as a baby and for several years after uni.

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Katrina Raftery

Counsel, Prioritiser, Coach, Diplomat, Foodie, Non-stop talker

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Katrina is all about people. She makes sure our clients’ lives are easier and our Writers can do what they do best. A natural talker, she’ll follow up on every detail to be that all-important link between expectation, expertise and outcome.

You can expect a conversation with substance when you chat with Katrina, because she is always trying to anticipate the needs of others – whether they’re clients or our team.

Top writing tip: Don’t skip the briefing process. A well-thought-out brief will not only help writers nail your project – it will also make you think about aspects you might not have considered before.

One thing people don’t know… Katrina spent her early years on a farm in Central West NSW before moving to the big smoke of Sydney.

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Alex Monnig

Writer, Talker, Draft Improver, Question Asker, Pizza Eater, Traveller

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Alex leans on his journalism background to help share people’s stories through their own words (and some of his own). He likes to have a chat to figure out what really matters – for clients and for readers.

Alex’s can-do attitude keeps us all positive when the deadlines get intense – or the goal posts shift. He’s a collaborator always ready to give a little pep talk and is just as comfortable leading from the front as he is falling in line.

Top writing tip: Just get started. Whether it’s planning or a very rough draft, anything is better than a blank page.

One thing people don’t know… Alex has written dozens of children’s books and covered sporting events around the world, including the Olympics, Rugby World Cup and Commonwealth Games. He’s no stranger to deadlines, that’s for sure.

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Nikola Hopkinson

Writer, Planner, Traveller, Green juice drinker, Hobby photographer

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Curious by nature and open to a fault, Nikola is always ready to learn more. She loves the different journeys her writing briefs take her on every day – keeping her brain ticking as she follows her instinct for a story.

Nikola’s deep empathy makes her a versatile writer. A copy chameleon, she’s able to take on a staggering range of brand voices, subjects and audiences. She’s also not afraid to stare a deadline in the face, roll up her sleeves and get sh*t done.

Top writing tip: Write it like you’d say it.

One thing people don’t know…  English is her second language. She was 11 when she came to Australia and started her love-affair with English (and sadly started losing her native tongue, Hungarian).

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Sarah Corderoy

Writer, Chatterbox, Lover of baked goods, Friendly neighbourhood marketing gal

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Sarah comes from a background in PR and communications with a love of learning. She’s always excited for the next story a brief will uncover. With her beloved clicky keyboard at her fingertips, she’s ready to weave it into a narrative that connects.

Sarah is known for knuckling down and getting started no matter what is thrown at her. She’ll grab a cup of coffee, her trusty notebook, ask all the questions, and dive in. A glass half full gal who’s always ready to jump, she can’t wait to see what she’ll learn next.

Top writing tip: I know they told you not to start a sentence with ‘and’ in school but trust me – it’s a great way to break up long sentences. And who doesn’t love to break a few rules here and there? You go, you rebel!

One thing people don’t know… Sarah used to play in competitive Scottish pipe bands. And was good at it! She worked her way up to the world championships where her band placed in the top ten.

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