31 August 2022

Written by Sarah
Build better writing habits with these 3 tips


Whether it’s in your job description or not, chances are writing is an important part of your role. And with the right habits, you can make it your superpower.

Small things can make a big difference – especially in your writing. Swapping out one word for another, for example, can completely change the meaning of a sentence or message.

Check out these tips to help you lift your writing game and get your point across every time.


1. Count your words

Have you ever read a sentence so long, by the time you got to the end you forgot how it started?

Long sentences can be hard to read and understand – and they often leave readers confused. So keep your sentences short – aim for 25 words or less. If it’s longer try to chop a few words or break it up into two.

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to start a sentence with ‘but’ or ‘and’ to make this happen.


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2. Cut down on the waffles

Or, in other words, get to the point. Don’t waffle or skirt around an idea – it buries your point under a slew of unnecessary ramble.

Here are five waffly ways to start a sentence – and how to make them snappier.

Due to the fact → Because
With regard to → About/concerning
In addition to → Also/plus
In the event of → If
In order to → To

3. Keep it simple

Many people think using long, overly complicated words makes them sound more intelligent. But a study found it has the opposite effect.

Unnecessary jargon and needlessly long words make it harder for your reader to understand your message – and frankly, it’s just painful to read.

Instead, try writing how you speak – if you wouldn’t say it that way, don’t write it that way. You can test this by reading your work aloud. If it sounds unnatural, edit it.


As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect.” By reminding yourself of these writing tips every day, they’ll become second nature – and you’ll become a better writer.

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