Brand Articles

One year on, what have we learned about Generative AI?

ChatGPT has just celebrated its first birthday. Join Sara as she reflects on the good, the bad and the ugly of AI tools, one year on.

The power of storytelling: How a brand narrative can make your message stick

As marketers and sellers, making your prospects feel something is the holy grail. Sara shares 3 tips on how to build brand narratives that connect with your customers.

Confessions of your Gen Z co-worker

Say hello to Gen Z. A pragmatic and empathetic bunch that’s taking their place in the workforce as you read this. Our own resident Zoomer is here to unpack what makes them tick – and how to make them your own secret weapon.

Why people, not Google, should be at the heart of your SEO strategy

Successful SEO strategies go beyond keywords – they have empathy. Anna is here to explain why, and how to put people at the centre of your SEO content.