Great content starts with a solid strategy. 

From developing a strong, consistent voice and brand messages to a narrative-led strategy, we’ll help you set the right foundations.

Strategic brand narrative

Can you confidently explain the value you bring to your customers? Is it a story that will resonate with your audience? We’ll give you a strategic brand narrative you can put to work every day – including purpose, vision, values and brand promise messages, as well as employee and customer value propositions. All wrapped up in a messaging cheat sheet that your business development, marketing, comms and HR teams will thank you for.

Tone of Voice guidelines

If you can only do one thing to set your business apart in the market, it’s tone of voice. Reflect your brand’s distinctive personality with guidelines everyone can use, and make sure your business communicates consistently. You’ll be surprised how few businesses have this. You’ll be amazed you ever operated without it.

Content plan and direction

From ideas to accountability. The biggest predictor of content marketing success is a documented strategy – so we’ll help you unlock all the ideas in your team’s brains, sort them into meaningful themes and story angles, and keep everyone accountable for publishing consistently. (And yes, we’ll also write it all too – see our ghostwriting services.)

Narrative-led strategy

Successful campaigns typically start with a strong story. A compelling insight that makes your audience the hero and will take them on the journey. We partner with creative agencies or busy marketing teams to find the idea that customers, investors or employees will rally around – and distil it into a story that will inspire change, action and impact.

Our work

We’re here to help you turn your ideas into action with impact. Here’s some solid storytelling proof.


As one of its biggest cheerleaders, we’ve helped Sefa define its tone of voice – and equipped its team with the skills to put it to use.


We partnered with Metropolis to build a compelling strategic story that will see Investa write its next chapter of growth.

Assetline Capital

Working as an extension of this leading non-bank lender’s marketing and leadership team, we’ve provided (almost) all the words behind a significant brand transformation.

We can also help you:

Find the right words

Keep your business going (and growing) with our copywriting services. From websites and brochures to campaign headlines and emails.

Become a better writer

Help your team write more effectively with our customised, hands-on writing workshops and coaching sessions.

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